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"Pronounced Four Twenty Web Hosting Dot Com"



1 = Are you affiliated with any other "420"  dot com sites?

NO. 420-WEB-HOSTING.COM is NOT a subsidiary of any other web site with 420 contained in the URL.

2 = What rights do we have to use 420 in our name?

The only answer would be that 420-WEB-HOSTING.COM has NO legal right to use the digits FOUR TWENTY in any way, shape or form, no one does or can. I repeat, we have ABSOLUTELY NO LEGAL RIGHT  TO USE FOUR TWENTY IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. NO ONE DOES OR CAN, so why did we? Well when you see the sites we host and click around inside them you will see EXACTLY why we decided to use FOUR TWENTY in our URL ;O)--~  it is also worth pointing out that even tho no one person has the exclusive right to use 420,  everyone has an equal right to use at Four Twenty AM or Pm to coincide with the"peace wave" that sweeps "mexican wave style" around earth "all day - every day" as citizens from all cultures on earth light up at 420. Yep, that's what 420 is really all about, joining a global celebration that is sending a smoke signal... "Pot for Peace and Peace for Pot"........

3 = Do you ONLY host web sites with Four Twenty content?

Yep, Four Twenty Web Hosting is a quality web hosting service designed with the chaotic anarchic utopian ethos of a hippy community in mind, we are not a quantity driven commercial operation designed to make mega buck$.

4= What Four Twenty content web sites do you host?

We host:

4.20 = How much does it cost to host a web site ?

The only package 420-WEB-HOSTING.COM offers " at the moment" is...

up to 4 and 20 MegaBytes of space
up to 4 and 20 POP3/E-Mail Accounts.
up to 4.20 GigaBytes of bandwidth/traffic.
MySQL Databases>> PHP, Perl, CGI-BIN etc
Comprehensive statistics and a JAVA chat room
FTP Access, Mailing Lists, email filters and spam protection.

ALL for $4.20 (usa) per week ;O)--~
(Billed Monthly at $16.80, Quarterly at $42.00, Yearly at $150.00)



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